I LOVE Watercolor

and I know you will too!

I love exploring how watercolor and other art mediums can work together. Watercolor is such a fun medium to create with and I'm here to demystify the how to's. It is my intention to help you understand and feel more comfortable using WATERCOLOR and other art mediums. Together we'll Craft your JOY and make art that feels good!
Lisa Hetrick holding a watercolor painting of violas

Questions + Answers: FAQ

  • Once I pay for the class, how long do I have access to the classroom?

    Once you create an account, you have lifetime access to the course. This refers to the lifetime of the course. There are no plans to retire courses. In fact, over time, courses will be updated and refreshed with additional content. In the unlikely event that a class is being retired, you will be given at least 6 months notice to access and download the course materials.

  • Do I need special supplies?

    No. Not at all! You can start with what you have on hand. The classes are technique based and you can master each lesson with the supplies you have on hand. Over time, if you choose, you can invest in different grades of supplies to achieve even better results. A supply handout is provided in each class and is for reference/suggestion. There are varying degrees of price points on watercolor and other art supplies. Owning the most expensive art supplies will not make you a better artist/creator. You can start with the basics and upgrade over time if that is what you desire. There are student and artist-grade supplies in practically every medium and supply available. Start with what you can afford and feel good about. Happy to answer questions you may have about brands. Just shoot me an email at [email protected].

  • What do I need to take the course?

    A positive attitude and a big smile because we are about to have some fun together! Each course outlines suggested project/technique supplies and a downloadable supply handout is provided.

  • Are the courses self-paced?

    You can come in and out of the classroom as often as you like and watch the videos as often as you wish. All courses are self-paced unless otherwise noted.

  • What if I have questions while taking the course?

    Within each course offering there is a built-in discussion area allowing us to chat. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments and share your work. It is my intention to help you, so don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Can I get feedback and support while taking the class?

    YES! I have a FREE community right here in the Craft Your Joy classroom. In this community, I share additional watercolor tutorials, findings, extras, and more. This is a safe, private space here in the classroom to share, pause and enjoy learning. I've created this community as a way for you to share your work as well, tag me with questions, etc. so that I can help you. A link to join the community is provided to you in the Welcome email when you purchase the course. It will also be added to your student dashboard automatically when you sign up for a course. Within each course, you can ALWAYS reach out to me in the DISCUSSION area within the lessons, share, and I will respond to your questions and/or provide feedback.

  • How do I access the classes I've purchased?

    You can find all of your classes in your account dashboard.

  • I'm a beginner. Can I take your classes?

    There is something for everyone here. All of the classes are for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts. All levels are welcome.