Watercolor Wonderland

Experience the JOY of Watercolor!

What You Will Learn in this Class

The number one question I am asked regularly is “How do I get started using watercolor?”

Watercolor and being in the flow of painting with it grounds me, centers me, and brings me SO MUCH JOY! And I want you to experience it too! 

In this course, I'm covering it all! 

All things watercolor with a twist. 


From paint (insight into all kinds of watercolors and brands) to paper, brushes, techniques (so many techniques), color mixing, surfaces and grounds, sketchbooks, paintings, papercrafting, and cardmaking, I’m covering it all. Did I mention TECHNIQUES? 😉

I’ve spent years enJOYing this medium and I’m looking forward to sharing everything I know in this big honkin’ course.  

Why? Because you asked! 

And I would LOVE for you to experience the same kind of JOY I do when I'm creating with watercolor. To me, it's a magical medium to work with. 

All your questions AND MORE will be answered in this course. And you'll paint along with me. 

This isn't a crash course. It's a deep, wonderful dive. There is OVER 4+ hours of instruction b

We'll splash color around and take a deeper dive into:

The Basics: 

  • Watercolor Paper(s) and Surfaces
  • All the Paint(s), Brands, and More! So many brands 
  • Brushes and Brushstrokes
  • Palettes and Options
  • Watercolor Mediums: Pencils, Inks, Markers, Watersoluble Mediums


Getting to Know Your Paints:

  • Color Mixing, Temperature, and Value Basics without Making Your Head Hurt
  • The JOYs of Mixing Watercolor through Play
  • Exploring through Color Mixes 
  • Water to Paint Ratios


Wonderfilled Techniques. So Many Techniques:

  • 25+ Techniques with Watercolor Paint, Pencils, Markers, and More
  • So Many Techniques!


Enchanting Additives and Mediums:

  • Discover How Additives and Mediums Can Elevate Your Work to Create Texture, Dimension, and Effects


Fascinating Florals in Watercolor:

Yes, you can paint flowers and florals. No drawing experience is required. In this session, I will teach you my signature, no illustration needed brushstroke floral techniques using watercolor paint and water-soluble pencil mediums like Inktense and watercolor pencils.


Watercolor for Papercrafting and Cardmaking:

In this session, I’m walking through my easy breezy watercolor techniques for painting stamped images for cardmaking. I’ll be showcasing a big honkin’ floral from my stamp line collection with Gina K Designs. 

I'll demystify and walk you through each video session. This course is comprehensive.


What Do You Need to Take this Class?

Very little to get started. I encourage you to use the supplies you have on hand. The very basics are:

  • Watercolor in pans or tubes
  • Watercolor paper, preferably 100% cotton
  • Watercolor pencils if you have them
  • I supply full-color handouts for you to download that explain everything and more. (Handouts will be LIVE on October 14th)



All video content is delivered in technique-based lessons complete with full-color handouts and instructions for you to paint and follow along. The lessons are NOT sped up. This course takes a deep dive and has a lot of instruction built in. You can pause the video at any time to master the techniques.

Together, we will walk through all of the techniques, paint and practice them together. In the last two video sessions, we'll paint a floral composition AND a floral stamped image. 

25 pages of full-color, comprehensive class handouts are supplied to you for download onto your favorite watercolor paper for the lessons. 



FREE 5x7 Art print download of my original floral painting that I share in class. The download will be available in the Fascinating Florals in Watercolor Lesson.


Add-On OPTION: Art Exploration Kit

This watercolor art supply sampler kit is chock-full of goodies and I'm super excited to bring it to YOU! Everything you need to sample and try watercolor is packed right into this kit, packaged in a zipper bag. This kit is limited. You DO NOT need this kit for the course.



This Class is Perfect for Beginners, Seasoned Painters, Makers, Enthusiasts, and MORE!

This class is perfect for beginners, seasoned watercolorists, and/or enthusiasts. It is my intention for you to have FUN and enjoy painting. 

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy, and inspiration here!

The Course: 13 Video Tutorials

Comprehensive Video Tutorials. Project handouts are included so you can paint alongside the tutorials and master the techniques.

Video content delivered in descriptive, technique-based lessons

4.5 Hours of Instruction


Downloadable Videos

Lifetime Access

Free Craft Your Joy Community Included

Course curriculum

    1. Watercolor Paper and Surfaces

    1. Everything Watercolor Paint - Part One

    2. Everything Watercolor Paint - Part Two

    1. Watercolor Pencils, Markers and More!

    1. Brushes and Brushstroke Drills

    1. Get to Know Your Watercolor Paints Part One

    2. Get to Know Your Watercolor Paints Part Two

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Class Price: $99

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5 star rating

Painting Whimsical and Wonky Flutters in Watercolor Course

Judy Huck

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The sketching and doodling was fun and excellent practice. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The sketching and doodling was fun and excellent practice. Thank you.

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