What You Will Learn in this Class

All Levels Welcome!

In this class, you will learn how to paint a playful poinsettia in watercolor. We'll paint poinsettias for cardmaking fun and as a bonus, I'll walk you through adapting the painting techniques to create a 5x7 poinsettia painting for framing, gift-giving, and more. 

We'll splash color around and take a deeper dive into JOYFUL techniques.

  • Wet into Wet

  • Wet into Dry

  • Watercolor Glazing

  • Leaving White without Masking

  • Splattering Metallics

These techniques will help us create beautiful texture and build depth of color in our poinsettias.

I’ll demystify and walk you through each technique step-by-step before we paint the final project together. 

Video content delivered in short, technique-based lessons

Each video lesson breaks down the watercolor painting techniques into smaller chunks giving you the ability to follow along using the practice handout. Then, we'll put it all together and create a beautiful butterfly toge

What You'll Make:

Together, we will walk through all of the techniques, paint poinsettia embellishments for holiday cards, and as a bonus, we'll paint a large poinsettia together.

Class Downloads Supplied 

  1. Full-Color Image Examples
  2. Technique Practice Sheet
  3. Color Mixing Palette
  4. Playful Poinsettia Embellishments
  5. Card Sentiment Strips
  6. Large Poinsettia Illustration for the Bonus Painting

Craft Your JOY Playful Poinsettia Kit Option

I've assembled a brand new offering to accompany this course. The Playful Poinsettia Card Kit is available in my shop. If you would like to have everything you need to make the cards for this class including the watercolors all prepared for you, the KIT may be an option for you. You can find the KIT in my shop HERE.

The kit is NOT REQUIRED. It's an additional add-on offering. Everything you need for the course if made available to you in the downloadable handouts. You can absolutely use your own supplies and experience JOY in this class.  

BONUS Download

FREE 5x7 Art print download of the original poinsettia painting shared in this class. Also in the download are poinsettia embellishments for you to print, cut, and enJOY! The download is in the final class lesson.

Perfect for Beginners, Seasoned Painters, Makers, Enthusiasts, and MORE!

This class is perfect for beginners, seasoned watercolorists, and/or enthusiasts. It is my intention for you to have FUN and enjoy painting. 

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy and inspiration here!

The Course: 7 Video Tutorials

Comprehensive Video Tutorials. Project Handouts are Included so that You Can Paint Alongside the Tutorials and Master the Techniques

Video content delivered in short, technique-based lessons


Downloadable Videos

Lifetime Access

Course curriculum

    1. Playful Poinsettias: Supplies, Kit Option + Class Handouts

    1. Playful Poinsettias: Color Palettes + Mixes

    1. Playful Poinsettias: Watercolor Painting Techniques

    1. Playful Poinsettias: Painting the Poinsettias

    1. Playful Poinsettias: Creating the Poinsettia Cards

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Class Price: $45

Affordable. Self-Paced Class.

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Playful Poinsettias Watercolor Card Class

Beverly Hodge

Thank you Lisa, I am a complete novice when it comes to watercolor and learned a lot. I'm pleased with the layering and depth I was able to achieve with your...

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Thank you Lisa, I am a complete novice when it comes to watercolor and learned a lot. I'm pleased with the layering and depth I was able to achieve with your instruction.

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