Going with the Flow: Painting Flowy Florals in Watercolor

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What You Will Learn in this Class

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In this class, you will learn how to paint flowy, flowy florals with watercolor. We’ll take a deeper dive into the different kinds of watercolor paint, paper, palettes and brushes. I’ll cover color mixing and color theory to help you get started on building your very own watercolor palette. 

I’ll demystify and teach you watercolor techniques that will help you create more flow in your florals. 

We’ll walk through each technique step-by-step with project handouts before we start painting the final project together. 

Watercolor is my favorite medium to work with, and I know it can sometimes feel challenging to work with it. I’m here to help you achieve more joy with watercolor. 

Video content delivered in comprehensive, detailed, technique-based lessons.

13 Videos in this Lesson

Each video lesson breaks down the watercolor painting techniques into smaller chunks giving you the ability to follow along using the practice handout. Then, we'll put it all together to create a flowy floral painting.

In the class you will learn how to:

  1. Choose Your Watercolor Paint
  2. Choose Your Paper 
  3. Create a Home for Your Paint: Palettes and More
  4. Choose Your Brushes
  5. Select Colors for Flowy Florals
  6. Master Color Theory + Mixing Paints
  7. Paint Washy Washy Flowy Watercolor Techniques
  8. Paint Flowy Flowers, Blooms, Daisies + Leaves Part 1
  9. Paint Flowy Flowers, Blooms, Daisies+ Leaves Part 2
  10. Put it all Together and Create a Flowy Floral Painting

What You'll Make:

Together, we will walk through all of the techniques and create the final flowy floral painting together. You will learn so many techniques along the way that you can apply to any project you work on from paintings to papercrafting and more. 

Class Downloads Supplied 

  1. Practice Handouts (8 pages)
  2. Practice Handout Samples in Full Color (18 pages)
  3. Supply Handout with Clickable Links (1 full supply page)
  4. Color Mixing Chart Samples (3 full color mixing charts)
  5. Palette Swatch Charts (2 blank swatch charts)

BONUS Download: A Gift of Grace from Me to YOU!

FREE Life is Beautiful 4x6 Art Print Download featuring one of my original  Flowy Floral Watercolor Art paintings. There are two copies of the print available within the download. One for you and one for a friend. Download, print and Enjoy! 

(This size is not available in my shop and is exclusive to class members in my Craft Your Joy Online Classroom. The frame is for reference only. This is a downloadable extra included within this class.)

Perfect for Beginners and MORE!

This class is perfect for beginners and/or seasoned watercolor artists. It is my intention for you to have FUN and enjoy painting. 

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy and inspiration here! 

The Course: 13 Video Tutorials

Comprehensive Video Tutorials. Project Handouts and Full Color Handouts are Included for Reference so that You Can Paint Alongside the Tutorials

Video content delivered in short, technique-based lessons


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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Going with the Flow: Painting Flowy Florals with Watercolor

    1. Going with the Flow: Choosing Your Watercolor Paint

    1. Going with the Flow: Choosing Your Watercolor Paper

    1. Going with the Flow: Creating a Home for Your Paint: Palettes + More

    1. Going with the Flow: Choosing Your Brushes

    1. Going with the Flow: Practice Handouts to Help Your Practice Techniques

    2. Practice Handouts for Techniques

    3. Supply Handout

    4. Blank Watercolor Swatch Palette Handout

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