enJOY FREE Color Exploration Tutorials

Explore a New Color Every Month

Every month in 2020, I explored a new color, shared tips, techniques, and a FREE, fun project tutorial. It was a blast and I’m offering all 12 tutorials here in the classroom for FREE. 

The mini-courses are free for you to enJOY and get to learn a bit more about how I teach classes here in the Craft Your Joy classroom. 

Inside each month, you'll find tips, techniques, and additional free download content. 

To access the free courses every month, simply sign up for an account for access. 

Video content delivered in short, technique-based lessons

Each video lesson breaks down the watercolor painting techniques into smaller chunks giving you the ability to follow along using the practice handout.

Class Downloads Supplied. BONUS Downloads Included 


Perfect for Beginners, Seasoned Painters, Makers, Enthusiasts, and MORE!

This class is perfect for beginners, seasoned watercolorists, and/or enthusiasts. It is my intention for you to have FUN and enjoy painting. 

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy and inspiration here!

Here are some examples of projects we've made so far.


One New Color Exploration Tutorial

January through December

Video content delivered in short, technique-based lessons

Self-Paced and No Cost to You.

Course curriculum

    1. January: Exploring the Color Red in Watercolor

    2. February: Exploring Purples + Painting Violas in Watercolor

    3. March: Exploring Aquamarine + Painting Brushstroke Blooms

    4. April: Exploring White Color Mediums + Painting Crocuses in Gouache

    5. May: Painting a Luna Moth in Daniel Smith GREENS

    6. June: Painting Florals with Pearl Watercolors

    7. July: Painting a Ruby Red Hibiscus Flower in Watercolor

    8. August: Painting a Whimsical Cactus in Watercolor

    9. September: Painting Whimsical Feathers in Watercolor

    10. October: Brushstroke Pumpkins in Watercolor

    11. November: Painting Wreaths and Leafery in Watercolor

    12. December: Whimsical Poinsettias in Turquoise

About this course

  • Free
  • 12 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content